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Invite a girl to your own flat

For shy people it is not very easy to invite a nice girl into their own flat.
The most difficult thing is to ask the girl if she want to do something with you. For example: Watch the tiny toons in television, which are hilarious. Some girls are delighted when they are invited for a date in the flat of a nice guy. Other girls react scornful. If the girl doesn’t like to visit your flat don’t become furious.
If you succeed you have to clean up your flat. Girls don’t like filthy flats. Especially the bathroom need to be spotless.
As soon as the girl arrives, don’t look sloppy and tell her that she looks gorgeous. You can offer her something to drink and ask if she is hungry. When she answers, that she is starving so call “Pizza Boys” and order a large pizza. Then you start to eat, take care that the pizza is not boiling. While eating make sure not to be absent-minded, talk to the girl and tell her something about your gigantic success in your job.
When your girl is exhausted carry she home or offer her to sleep in your bed. Don’t be puzzled if you have to use the couch in the living room. ;-)

© Stephan Reincke
March 2006
One day a women said: "It’s not easy to be a turtle."
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